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What is an Information Technology Capstone Project?

An information technology capstone project is the paper you must submit at the end of your course. It aims to show your knowledge and what you have learned throughout the course. You have a chance not only to show your knowledge but also to apply the skills you have gained.

In other words, IT capstone project is your chance to prove that you know a lot about IT sphere and you have some own ideas on furhter development. Such a project is a very interesting thing since it helps you to learn a lot of modern world of technologies.

Start From Selecting Capstone Project Ideas for Informational Technology

Before you even start, you should decide what you are going to write about. As it was mentioned above, choosing the topic is not easy. However, before you do that, read some valuable and worthy information technology capstone project examples.

They will help you understand the meaning and the main idea of an IT capstone project. You can see how to structure and format your paper, actually.

Top topics for your capstone project

Here is the list of the top information technology capstone project ideas:

  1. GSO inventory system
  2. PHP-based web accounting system
  3. A web-based classified ads app
  4. Online grading system
  5. SMS notifications as a way to report crimes
  6. Fitness and healthy lifestyles mobile apps
  7. Ranking and planning app for employers
  8. Free dicto-translators
  9. PHP-based hospital management system
  10. MySQL voting system
  11. Java tutorials for Android
  12. Artificial Intelligence and its effects on modern life
  13. The problems of virtual reality
  14. Educative mobile apps
  15. The internet and its future
  16. Decision support system for student information management
  17. The effect of intelligent cars on our transport system
  18. File management systems
  19. Network navigation and its security
  20. SMS fire alarm apps
  21. Learning apps for kids
  22. IQ tests for Android
  23. Intelligent homes
  24. The apps for booking airline tickets
  25. Discrete math gaming apps
  26. Mobile apps for financial forecasts
  27. Smart time trafficking apps for enterprises
  28. Automation documentation for accounting
  29. Guest tracking systems
  30. Data storage and cloud technologies

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